Salley Trefethen, M EdAdmin

Salley is the managing partner of First and Central Coaching. She is a coach, facilitator, and organizational development consultant whose passion is growing companies by growing their people. Her specialty is moving people from team in name to team in fact. She challenges people to investigate their thinking—their assumptions about themselves and others. She gives them the skill to express themselves courageously, authentically, while staying connected. In working with Salley, people develop new awareness, new approaches, new possibilities, deeper commitment and connection. Groups discover the glue that binds them together—what they value and what they are committed to achieving. They discover how to keep the group together, focused on the goal—how to close the communication gaps, how to recover from communication gaffs.

Working with Salley is like being at home with all the lights on, getting fully engaged with who you are—your lovable, capable, whole and complete self.

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