What We Do

As business leaders and managers we're great at some things but not great at every thing. Sometimes it would serve us to build skill in being a better communicator of the vision, of holding people accountable, of creating alignment, of growing the culture to be better performers, of getting clear on the vision, of relating to others, of getting things done . Whatever it is, a coach—someone who has your back, someone who is curious and candid—can help you speed up this process.
AND, sometimes group coaching and facilitation (organizational development work) is the way to go. Get everyone working together, take down walls, build bridges...together.
Either way, First and Central's executive coaching, group coaching, group facilitation and training is there to assist.

First and Central Coaching is dedicated to unleashing the power inside your greatest asset—your people. We're about having complete organizations lit up and fully participating in the success of your company.

When people reach the limits of their leadership capacity your company suffers the consequences.

Click for company focus flipbookWhere is limited leadership capacity affecting your productivity? your bottom line? your results? Here are some examples of places where we've unleashed the power within the organization.

- A senior management team went from team in name only—analysis/paralysis, placating, holding back, driving and perfection—to straight conversations, speaking from commitment, alive and resilient. They came together as a team and were able to discuss tough subjects and move stagnant projects forward.

- An individual team leader went from micromanaging, venting, playing it safe to accountable, trusting, committed to the mission, growing his capacity to think strategically and have others energized and accountable for the vision he created. This increase in performance allowed him to take on more accountabilities with less stress and more enthusiasm.

- A program manager shifted from being driving, forcing, counterpointing as a way of keeping her program on track to curious, connected, and empowering the people she worked with. This cut out a significant amount of gossiping, venting, and extra-meeting time and resulted in timely execution of the program with a lot more energy and ease.

Our work can increase your enjoyment of work, add energy and engagement to your staff's performance, and make it more fun for everybody to go to work each day.  

Send us a note, tell us what you're up to. We'd love to see if what we do is a match for your organization.