Managers and High Potential Talent

You're a keeper. You are valued by your company. Really valued. You’re a manager. Or maybe you're an individual contributor. But not just any manager or individual contributor. You are someone the organization is looking to give some major responsibility to.

Getting promoted sounds nice, but you want something more.  You have ideas. You notice what’s working and what’s not. You see things that could make your company great, make a product great, make the world great. You are already a leader, even if the title isn't already on your business card.

Here's some suggestions for growing your leaderly muscles.

Get a mentor. Find people in the organization who you admire, respect. Connect with them. Learn from them. Offer them something in return.

Discover your strengths and weakness. We are certified in the coolest, most comprehensive leadership assessment tool bar none—The Leadership Circle 360. Its approach is thoroughly researched and validated. It quickly lets you see what's working and not working—all in one easy-to-understand diagram. Better yet, you'll know almost instantly what to do to increase your leadership effectiveness.

Grow your leader muscles one-on-one. Assessments are great. Mentors are great. If you really want to grow your flexibility, resilience, openness, power, courage, authenticity, connectedness, reliability, then consider working with a coach one-on-one. We know how important it is for you to feel comfortable AND challenged by your coach. Let us match you up with someone who has been where you want to go. Find a coach on our Who We Are page.

Grow your leader muscles in a facilitated group. Working in a group is not for the faint of heart. It takes great courage and trust to be authentic, open, connected and resilient one-on-one. It takes even more courage and trust to do it in a group. The reason to do it is simple: you will grow stronger and do it faster with each courageous moment you speak.

If you feel called to leadership, don't wait to be discovered. The world needs people like you. Leadership is not just in the corner office; it needs to be in every corner of the office.