Executive Coaching

You are really good at what you do. No, I mean really good at what you do. In fact you are great at it. You are so great at it that you've become an executive, a high level leader in your organization.

How's it going? Open the attached file and take a self-test. Don't be delusional about this. Be honest.

If you scored mostly 5's and 6's, congratulations! Go mentor another executive who is struggling.

If you found yourself with 4's or lower, consider an executive coach.

An executive coach is someone you can become brilliant with. Not just great, brilliant! And here's the funny part.  You'd think this would be easy, wouldn't you. Who wouldn't want to be brilliant. Duh!

But that would be wrong. In fact, having an executive coach can be confronting. Challenging. Like deciding to run a marathon or an ultra when you are currently a couch potato or a weekend warrior. But here's the good part. If you want to be not just great but you want your company to be great, it behooves you to be your absolute best. No room for 1's  or 3's in this game. And here's the good part. Your coach is someone you  don't have to look great to. Someone with no agenda other than you and your organization's greatness. Someone who will be straight with you when you're being weird. Someone to get yourself organized with, clear with. Someone to support you in having those conversations you might be avoiding or that you wish you had avoided. Someone to assist you in building the relationships that will have you operating in sync. Someone to be accountable to. Someone to support you in taking your leadership to the next level.

In short, someone to assist you to get clear on where you want to go and going there. And successfully taking your organization with you.  For reals.

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